Optimizing Energy Usage for an Electric Drone

TytułOptimizing Energy Usage for an Electric Drone
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Rok publikacji2022
AutorzyCzachórski T, Gelenbe E, Kuaban GSuila, Marek D
Conference NameEuroCybersec 2021
Conference LocationNice, France

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are rapidly gaining popu-
larity in a wide variety of applications, e.g., agriculture, health care, envi-
ronmental management, supply chains, law enforcement, surveillance,
and photography. Dones are often powered by batteries, making energy
a critical resource that must be optimised during the mission of the
drone. The duration of a done’s mission depends on the amount of energy
required to perform some manoeuvering actions (takeoff, level flight, hov-
ering, and landing), the energy required to power the ICT modules in
the drone, the drone’s speed, payload, and the wind. In this paper, we
present a model that minimizes the energy consumption of a low power
drone and maximizes the time required to completely drain the drone’s
battery and ensure the safe landing of the drone.

DOI10.1007/978-3-031-09357-9 _ 6

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