Distinguishing classically indistinguishable states and channels

TytułDistinguishing classically indistinguishable states and channels
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2019
AutorzyKorzekwa K, Czachórski S, Puchała Z, Życzkowski K
Journal Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

We investigate an original family of quantum distinguishability problems, where the goal is to perfectly distinguish between M quantum states that become identical under a completely decohering map. Similarly, we study distinguishability of M quantum channels that cannot be distinguished when one is restricted to decohered input and output states. The studied problems arise naturally in the presence of a superselection rule, allow one to quantify the amount of information that can be encoded in phase degrees of freedom (coherences), and are related to time-energy uncertainty relation. We present a collection of results on both necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of M perfectly distinguishable states (channels) that are classically indistinguishable.



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