Interoperable IoMT Approach for Remote Diagnosis with Privacy-Preservation Perspective in Edge Systems

TytułInteroperable IoMT Approach for Remote Diagnosis with Privacy-Preservation Perspective in Edge Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2023
AutorzySubramaniam EVeerappa D, Srinivasan K, Qaisar SMian, Plawiak P

The emergence of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has brought together developers from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and healthcare providers to enable remote patient diagnosis and treatment using mobile-device-collected data. However, the utilization of traditional AI systems raises concerns about patient privacy. To address this issue, we present a privacy-enhanced approach for illness diagnosis within the IoMT framework. Our proposed interoperable IoMT implementation focuses on optimizing IoT network performance, including throughput, energy consumption, latency, packet delivery ratio, and network longevity. We achieve these improvements using techniques such as device authentication, energy-efficient clustering, environmental monitoring using Circular-based Hidden Markov Model (C-HMM), data verification using Awad’s Entropy-based Ten-Fold Cross Entropy Verification (TCEV), and data confidentiality using Twine-LiteNet-based encryption. We employ the Search and Rescue Optimization algorithm (SRO) for optimal route selection, and the encrypted data are securely stored in a cloud server. With extensive network simulations using ns-3, our approach demonstrates substantial enhancements in the specified performance metrics compared with previous works. Specifically, we observe a 20% increase in throughput, a 15% reduction in packet drop rate (PDR), a 35% improvement in network lifetime, and a 10% decrease in energy consumption and delay. These findings underscore the efficacy of our approach in enhancing IoT network interoperability and protection, fostering improved patient care and diagnostic capabilities.


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