A Dynamic Model for Identifying Enemy Collective Behaviour

TytułA Dynamic Model for Identifying Enemy Collective Behaviour
Publication TypeConference Paper
Rok publikacji2022
AutorzyGelenbe E, Pearce P, Kaptan V., Wang Y, Walmsley N.S, Gardiner P., Moffat J.
Conference Name11th ICCRTS Coalition Command and Control in the Networked Era

Recent advances in Command and Control (C2) modelling have developed
algorithmic representations of the command decision making process at both
the tactical (Rapid Planning) and operational (Deliberate Planning) levels of
command. In this paper, the development of methods by which indicators of
enemy/group behaviour can be extracted is discussed. The aim of this work
is to use the grouping techniques to establish, with more certainty, force size
and direction. We describe a multi-agent model approach, based on a
hierarchical framework, suitable for identifying indicators of collaborative
behaviour associated with enemy agile mission groups that commonly feature
in the modern Networked Era.

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