Approximation Models for the Evaluation of TCP/AQM Networks

TytułApproximation Models for the Evaluation of TCP/AQM Networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2022
AutorzyMarek D, Domański A, Domańska J, Szyguła J, Czachórski T, Klamka J, Filus K
JournalBulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Technical Sciences (BPASTS)
Start Pagee141986
Date Published08/2022

The article proposes a model in which Diffusion Approximation is used to analyse the TCP/AQM transmission mechanism in a multi-node computer network. In order to prevent traffic congestion, routers implement AQM (Active Queue Management) algorithms. We investigate the influence of using RED-based AQM mechanisms and the fractional controller PI γ on the transport layer. Additionally, we examine the cases in which the TCP and the UDP flows occur and analyse their mutual influence. Both transport protocols used are independent and work simultaneously. We compare our solution with the Fluid Flow approximation, demonstrating the advantages of Diffusion Approximation.